Does Acai Berry Really Help with Weight Loss?

According to the Dr. Axe website, experts believe that acai berry can suppress the appetite due to its effects on hormones that control hunger, satiety, and blood sugar levels. It improves the body’s metabolism which results in better nutrient absorption, food breakdown, waste elimination, and regulation of insulin production [R].

Some research studies show that acai berry can be beneficial in weight loss because it improves digestion, regulates the insulin levels in the blood, and helps curb the appetite. Additionally, it helps in fat and carbohydrate breakdown, promotes satiety, and discourages overeating. These additional benefits can help in weight management and maintaining a healthy weight [R].

On the other hand, “101 Foods That Could Save Your Life” author David Grotto says that consuming acai berry alone is not a sure-fire solution to weight loss. According to him, no single food is a sure-fire weight loss solution. It takes a healthy diet and lifestyle to lose weight. This includes regular physical activity, limiting calorie intake, consuming foods that nourish the body, and getting enough sleep [R].

However, David does state that what’s special about acai is that it contains monounsaturated fats that only a few fruits, like avocados, have. It is worth noting, however, that you would need to consume a large amount of acai berries to get enough monounsaturated fats to really feel its benefits of satiety in a calorie-controlled diet [R].

We can’t seem to find any double-blind, placebo controlled study that supports the efficacy of acai berry for weight loss.

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