How to Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally with Apple Juice

Apple juice has often been used in treating gallstones because they are believed to soften gallstones, thereby making it easier to pass them. This belief spread in the publication of a letter in 1999 that showcased an anecdote of a woman who successfully passed her gallstones after drinking apple juice. However, there has been no scientific evidence shown to support this [R].

This claim was made by a chemical engineer stating that his wife took a liter of apple juice daily for a week and an additional 1 cup of olive on day 7 before bedtime. At night, she lay on her left side and proceeded to pass the stones through her stool the following morning. The stones were noted to be brown and soft and identified by a university hospital to be fatty stones. To ease stone collection, oral intake of magnesium sulphate at noon and skipping the evening meal on day 7 can be done to cleanse the bowels [R].

If you have diabetes, stomach ulcers, hypoglycemia, or other health conditions, drinking an excessive amount of fruit juice can exacerbate your condition [R].

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