Is Ginseng Good For Energy?

Ginseng potentially reduces fatigue. In a study involving 52 individuals, enzyme-modified ginseng extract was noted to reduce the severity of fatigue [R].

Similarly, in an 8-week study involving 364 individuals, a daily dose of 2g ginseng reduced fatigue associated with cancer. In another study involving 30 individuals, a daily dose of 800 mg resulted in reduced fatigue and betterment of the overall well-being of the participants [R] [R].

A study involving 90 participants showed that taking 2 g of ginseng daily can reduce chronic fatigue. This can be attributed to its antioxidant components [R].

According to a meta-analysis of 4 studies involving 429 participants in total, further studies and clinical trials have to be done to confirm ginseng’s anti-fatigue properties [R].

Excessive ginseng intake can lead to breast pain, vaginal bleeding, and/or skin reactions [R].

We strongly advise you to have regular check-ups with your doctor and lab tests (blood, kidney, and liver) at least once every six months if you decide to take any herbal medicine or supplements for long-term.

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