The Exact Number of Cups of Coffee per Day That Increases Risk of Heart Disease

While coffee is necessary for most people to kick start their day, it is important to know how much coffee is too much.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that drinking 6 cups of coffee or more every day can have serious implications on your health. The University of South Australia researchers Dr. Ang Zhou and Professor Elina Hyppönen found out that drinking this much coffee per day can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease for up to 22 percent.

They looked into the coffee consumption of 347,077 people between the ages of 37 and 73 and found out that cardiovascular disease risk increases after the 6th cup.

Excessive caffeine consumption causes high blood pressure, which is a risk factor in cardiovascular diseases. In the United States, almost 50 percent of adults has at least one type of cardiovascular disease, and it is the cause of 25 percent of the mortality rate. This could be related to increased coffee consumption in the U.S. with about 64 percent of Americans drinking at least a cup of coffee each day. This is higher than the percentage of 62 in 2017 and the highest since 2012.

However, when thinking about coffee consumption, the number of cups do not matter as much as the caffeine content in each cup. A cup of coffee (8 ounces) contains 95 mg of caffeine on average, but it could be more depending on how strong it is.

Generally, consuming 400 mg or less of caffeine is acceptable. This is equal to 4 or 5 cups of coffee.

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