5 Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea Supported by Studies & Precaution

1. Reduce Water Weight

As a diuretic, dandelion tea can provide relief for bloating by increasing the body’s urine production. A study showed that two servings of 1 cup dandelion tea made from dandelion leaves increased urine volume [R].

2. Boost Liver Health

In naturopathic medicine, dandelion root tea is believed to be beneficial in cleansing the liver, alleviating liver disease symptoms, and relieving eye and skin problems. In fact, in 2017, a study found that polysaccharides in dandelions can improve liver function [R].

3. Promote Weight Loss

A study in Korea found dandelion to have the same effects as the common weight loss drug called orlistat. This drug inhibits the activity of steapsin or pancreatic lipase, an enzyme released by the pancreas to digest fat [R].

4. Prevent Pancreatic Cancer and Melanoma

The recent studies on dandelion root’s anti-cancer activity appear to have reassuring results.

In 2011, a study conducted in Canada showed that the extract of dandelion root kills melanoma cancer cells without negatively affecting the healthy cells. A credible source also states that this same effect was noted in pancreatic cancer cells [R].

Despite the lack of testing regarding dandelion tea’s anti-cancer activity, it is a potential treatment.

5. Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

When combined with uva ursi, dandelion root and leaf extract were found to be a potential urinary tract infection treatment. This is attributed to uva ursi’s antibacterial components and dandelion’s diuretic properties [R].


In human cell studies, dandelion extract is generally considered safe because it does not harm healthy cells [R].

However, certain people can have allergic reactions. This is shown in a study with 235 adult participants who had different skin conditions, wherein 1.3% developed a skin reaction to dandelion [R].

The coumarins present in dandelions can also theoretically heighten bleeding risks if taken in conjunction with supplements that affect blood coagulation [R].

Additionally, since dandelions have high vitamin A content, caution should be practiced to avoid vitamin toxicity [R].

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